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october – december 2015
  • Option 1 – $830 (valued at over $1,000)
    • 3 Micro-Needling Treatments
    • 1 TNS Recovery Complex
    • 1 Post-Procedure Kit
  • Option 2 – $1,460 (valued at over $1,800)
    • 6 Micro-Needling Treatments
    • 2 TNS Recovery Complex
    • 2 Post-Procedure Kits
  • 15% off all SkinMedica Products
  • FREE mini-facial before your Botox and/or Juvederm
  • FREE Facials for all Injectables or Cosmetic Surgeries (post op)


What Injectable is Right for You?

Injectables can help restore lost volume to your face, smooth wrinkles, or even reduce a double chin, but making sure the injections are done accurately and safely is key. Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulter is board-certified and has 25 years of experience using injectables. He has treated over 20,000 patients and has performed nearly 20,000 Botox […]

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Busting the Four Myths About Dermal Fillers

Originally from Smart Beauty Guide  While most of the world is relatively free from traveling snake-oil salesmen tactics, that doesn’t mean the fear-mongering, telling of tales and telephone game misinformation left the building with them. No sir, those myths still abound. So let’s bust ‘em, shall we? We’ll kick it off with Myth #1. Botox […]

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Study reveals higher level of safety at accredited facilities

Originally from Smart Beauty Guide Millions of people across the globe request cosmetic procedures each year, whether they’re looking to improve the appearance of their bodies following extreme weight loss or looking to make their face a bit more symmetrical with corrective surgery. While most individuals remain aware of the ramifications that may occur following their […]

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Beyond Looking Good

Some plastic surgery procedures can have benefits beyond enhancing one’s appearance. For example, breast reduction can alleviate neck and shoulder pain. Check out this infographic for more information!    

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Too many chins? FDA clears a treatment for that

It’s not life-threatening, but as many as 7 in 10 Americans say they’re bedeviled by double chin, a condition for which the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved a new treatment: an injectable substance called deoxycholic acid, to be marketed as Kybella.

Kybella is the first treatment the agency has approved for “moderate-to-severe fat below the chin,” which is known in medical parlance as submental fat.

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