Adding Fullness To Your Face

Your face naturally loses volume as you age – in fact, the average person loses a teaspoon of volume in their face every year. Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are a fantastic way to look rejuvenated and brighten up your look with minimal to no downtime.

Dermal fillers sit under the skin to provide volume and fullness. Fillers can be used to treat various signs of aging, such as plumping thinning lips, filling in shallow areas on the face, decreasing wrinkles under the eyes, and more. They can be used to treat multiple areas of the face, ears, and neck, and many last for up to two years.

Juvederm is one example of these injectables, which can be used to treat various signs of aging, such as plumping thinning lips, filling in shallow areas on the face, decreasing the shadow or wrinkles under the eyes, and more. Some fillers lift and smooth out the folds and wrinkles in targeted areas by adding a subtle amount of volume, while Voluma acts as structural support to help lift the entire cheek and minimize the need for individual wrinkle treatment. Volbella can be used to provide subtle volume and is used for filling vertical lip lines as well as soft hydration. It can be used to smooth undereye hollows and add subtle volume the delicate area below the eye.

Who is doing your injections is just as important as what product is being injected. Dr. Poulter holds the Master Injector designation from Allergan and has over 30 years of filler and 20 years of Botox experience. As a surgeon injector, meaning he can not only inject the areas of concern but has also operated on those muscles. This allows him to better understand the variations in muscle anatomy and take the time to evaluate the function this variation produces so your injections are individualized to your specific needs. He can also advise when injections may not be the best answer for your concerns.

During your consultation, Dr. Poulter may assess your midface and eye area, looking for volume characteristics such as deficits (valleys) or excess (hills), along with characteristics such as color, texture and elasticity to determine the best approach for your goals. The amount of filler necessary to make a difference varies from person to person depending on your unique characteristics and the look you’re looking to achieve.

Patients can get a more complete facial rejuvenation when filling all the areas in need at once rather than by adding a syringe at a time. The fillers last up to two years so the results are longer lasting than most patients are aware of. Dr. Poulter offers a multi-syringe discount using a cannula; with this, patients have less discomfort and are done more quickly with less bruising and risk of injury to vessels and nerves. Dr. Poulter will choose what fillers to include, optioning for the longer lasting fillers when appropriate and all of them have local anesthetic in them.

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