Bigger Isn’t Always Better

When it comes to breast enhancement, bigger may not necessarily be better. The key to a successful breast surgery (as with any cosmetic surgery) is a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Their expertise helps them evaluate and recommend the best procedure for you. There are multiple factors that influence what is best for you personally.

Many women who have a consultation for breast augmentation are able to select smaller implants when they include a breast lift. Unfortunately, some surgeons try to take the easy way out by placing larger implants and not performing the lift with the augmentation, since that takes more time and expertise.

A breast lift can reverse the effects of gravity, weight fluctuations and pregnancy. It raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Breast lift procedures have grown 70% since 2000.

In comparison, a breast enlargement increases the size of your breasts using implants. A good surgeon will advise you to select implants that are the appropriate size for your body. Breast implants that are too large for your body type or activity level, or that are improperly placed may cause you pain or discomfort down the road. Dr. Poulter has over 20 years of experience with anatomically shaped implants (like the ‘gummy bear’). Don’t go for the ‘bargain’ breast job – choosing a reputable surgeon who you feel comfortable with will help ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.

Dr. Poulter is a board-certified plastic surgeon who will work with you to determine what is best. He will discuss the implant style, size and placement with you and assess your individual anatomy, and may recommend a breast lift in combination with the augmentation to ensure you achieve the desired results. Open communication with your surgeon is crucial to receiving the results you want.