Body Contouring Before/After Photos

*Disclaimer: Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients. These photos are of an actual patient of our practice who has provided consent to display their pictures online.


The patient is a 54 yr old in very good health.  He is 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 170 pounds. He has small areas of localized fat in the hips and abdominal area. He would like to get rid of some of the fullness in those areas. Liposuction of the abdomen and hips with […]

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Abdominoplasty, Liposuction*

Patient has gained 40 pounds in a short amount of time. He has always been full in the abdomen and hips. He has thought about abdominoplasty for a long time but because of being so active he did not have time to be down from surgery.

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The patient has lost 60 pounds or so approximately ten years ago, and he has kept this weight off. He has unwanted fullness in the lower abdominal wall with redundant skin, and he seeks evaluation for treatment of this. He is extremely active, working out in the gym four to five times a week with […]

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Breast Augmentation and Liposuction – 321*

Patient came to us seeking pre-pregnancy breast size and shape following child bearing.  She wanted moderately larger breasts, but not too much lateral breast.  She didn’t want them to get in the way during sporting activities or to sag.

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Implant Size Left: 295cc
Implant Size Right: 295cc
Chest Measure Before: 36
Chest Measure After: 32
Cup Size Before: B
Cup Size After: F

Abdominoplasty Liposuction – 320*

Very pleasant 42 year old female here for evaluation for abdominoplasty. Patient has had 2 children, one being 10+ lbs, both born by c-section. Since her first pregnancy she has had an umbilical hernia that has not been problematic until recently where she has had intermittent pain and has been seen by her PMD. Patient […]

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Weight Before: 140lb

Mommy Makeover
Mommy Makeover*

The patient came to us after being in Cancun and thinking her breasts looked “blah.” Her daughter is getting married and she wanted a rounder fuller shape. She wanted to avoid being too large and having them get in the way during sporting activities.

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Implant Size Left: 345cc
Implant Size Right: 385cc
Chest Measure Before: 36
Cup Size Before: C

Mommy Makeover*

The patient came to us with significant tissue loss following 2 children.  She wanted to be significantly larger.  She also sought help in reducing the pouch and stretch marks in her abdomen.  She received abdominoplasty with liposuction of hips and breast augmentation with mastoplexy to mediate these problems.

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Implant Size Left: 385cc
Implant Size Right: 365cc
Chest Measure Before: 36
Cup Size Before: B

Lower Body Lift, Men’s Plastic Surgery, After Weight Loss*

The patient came to us to eliminate redundant skin following massive weight loss.  He has lost almost 250lb and the skin of his abdomen and chest hurt when he runs.  The surgery was done in two stages: lower body lift, abdominoplasty and lateral thigh and buttock lift in stage one, and torsoplasty and gynecomastia surgery […]

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Abdominoplasty with Liposuction of Hips and Medial thighs*

This 47 year old patient comes to us seeking an abdominoplasty and possible breast lift. She has always been full in her abdomen and hips. Since having children she had a pouch that she can not get rid of. She works out on a regular basis but is unable to reduce the the fullness. Her […]

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Height: 5'6
Weight Before: 185
Weight: 175
Tissue Removed Left: 4lbs of tissue removed from left abdominal wall
Tissue Removed Right: 5lbs of tissue removed from right abdominal wall

Abdominoplasty and Liposuction Hips*

This patient came to us seeking an abdominoplasty. Since having children she cannot get rid of the fullness in her abdomen no matter how hard she works out. She is unhappy with the way she looks in clothes and would like to improve her look. She has significant separation of her abdominal muscles. We will […]

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Height: 5'3
Tissue Removed Left: 674 grams from left abdominal wall
Tissue Removed Right: 756 grams of tissue from right abdominal wall

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