Patient Letters

Just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for today

Just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for today. I was so nervous and every single staff member that I’ve had there was nothing shy of amazing, seriously! Really appreciate it & thank you again!

I can’t say enough on how I absolutely love the results

The total experience was above and beyond any experience I’ve ever had in Bloomington/Normal. Dr. Poulter and his TEAM are phenomenal and I would highly recommend his practice. I have been converted 100% not only for their level of care and professionalism but also for the standards they have set. Dr. Poulters bed side mannerisms are impeccable and that is where I felt the most comfortable and relaxed. I can’t say enough on how I absolutely love the results of my surgery on 8/3/23. Thank You Dr. Poulter and Team for everything you do!

Very responsive from the first inquiry

Made me feel comfortable from the first consult. I have never had any major surgery done before, so I was a bit nervous about it and worried about having pain after. I can say that I literally never felt what I would call ‘pain.’ Some uncomfortableness? Yes – but no real pain. I followed all post-op instructions and my incisions are healing nicely and my results are AMAZING! I would highly recommend Dr. Poulter if you are considering any sort of plastic surgery.

Amazing, Listened to my needs!

I had twins in 2004 and struggled to lose the baby weight. After having gastric sleeve surgery I lost 50 lbs and had a lot of sagging skin around my mid-section. From the tummy tuck consultation through to the end of my procedure and follow ups, Dr. Poulter and his staff were amazing! This very professional team really listened to my wants and needs and took time to answer every question. Dr. Poulter has an amazing bedside manner as well! I will be returning for a breast reduction in the very near future and would highly recommend this Dr. Poulter and his team!

Informative – Doesn’t Push You!

Friendly staff, Dr is very informative and doesn’t push you into additional procedures.

Informative Staff with Transparent Pricing

It was a good experience. Paula was very kind and friendly, I appreciated the doctors advice and information. He was very kind and knowledgeable. I would’ve liked to see more before and Afters, but I know this surgery is a little bit less commonly performed. Otherwise, everything was good at my appointment, and the pricing was very easy to understand.

Clean Office that Brings Comfort at Every Visit

All staff were very pleasant. The office was clean and took precautions due to the pandemic. We both liked Dr Poulter and that he spent a lot of time with us and was encouraging questions. He made my daughter feel comfortable. We both left feeling confident that he would do a good job and that we have a plan moving forward.

Staff Ensures Your Happiness with Results

Dr. Poulter and staff are so attentive. Dr. Poulter always asks ifl’m happy with the decision I made to undergo the procedures. And I have to say that I’m very happy a year later. No regrets. He takes great pride in his work and wants to make sure that I am pleased with the end result. There were a couple of TINY areas that we discussed and he Wanted to tweak them. I am so appreciative of him wanting to make it just a little better for me. I don’t know How many in the industry that would Do that? Thank you so much!

Comfortable Environment and Great Incentives!

It was excellent. I felt the office is taking appropriate precautions for the virus and that I was able to remove mask for treatment. LOVE LOVE LOVE the incentive coupons!!! Many places are offering ‘cheap’ Botox these days like $8-$10 a syringe but I feel it is imp01iant to have a medical professional.

Accommodating Appointments

Starting from the very beginning everyone was very accommodating and informative. All my questions were answered and I had no problems. I can’t wait to schedule a surgery appointment!

Excellent Care through Every Step!

All of my appointments and interactions with Dr. Poulter and staff have been excellent. I was looking forward to this appointment to see the progress and have my drains removed. I’ve experienced excellent care from start to finish through this entire process. The staff is also warm, friendly, and willing to answer all of my questions!

Personalized Care that Restores Confidence

I have been extremely happy with my experience at Dr. Poulter’s office. Everyone is so professional, and they make you feel so at ease. I cannot express enough how much Dr. Poulter makes you feel so comfortable and you never feel rushed through your appointments. This
“mommy makeover” has really changed my life. I have more confidence and feel so much better. It really has not only changed my appearance, but also my happiness in enjoying life again. I am so happy I decided to invest in myself. I just wish I would have done this sooner.

Excellent Bedside Manner

Excellent bedside manner. Quick and gentle. He was sensitive to the fact this was an injury to my face causing scaring for life! I also was concerned about my vision and he was very helpful. I give him the highest of ratings.

Attentive, Skillful Team that Cares About Your Recovery

My experience during my visits was unremarkable. I arrived on time, did not have much of a wait and went home after my procedure feeling fine. What was remarkable was the pre and post operative care. Both Dr. Poulter and his team were incredibly attentive. There was ample opportunity to discuss the procedures during my visits. Detailed instructions were provided and questions were repeatedly solicited and clearly answered. Dr. Poulter’s surgical skills indicate a lot of training and experience. He is an incredibly skillful surgeon and the results achieved reflect that. His entire team has been entirely professional and caring. Dr. Poulter personally called me the day after each procedure to assure I was not experiencing complications. This may not have been necessary but it was ce1iainly reassuring. I expect most all of his patients have had similar experiences, especially if they follow his instructions to the letter.

Convenient Communication with Staff

Dr poulter was very gentle and patient with all my questions. I truly appreciate his willingness to answer all my questions. I love my results. He is an amazing surgeon!! Everyone in the office is so wonderful. Always quick to respond on Klara and always very friendly and caring in the office! I love the Klara app. I am more likely to contact the office now via Klara than to make a call to the office. It’s very convenient and allows the office to prioritize their day and respond when they have time. I’m so glad I chose Dr Poulter for my procedures! It’s always a great experience each time I’m in the office. My daughter has come with me to my visits and has also commented on how impressed she is with how nice everyone is. It’s always our conversation as we are leaving to get in the elevator. You are all so wonderful. Truly appreciate you all! Thank you!

Fun and Welcoming Environment

It is ALWAYS fun to visit Dr. Poulter’s office. The staff and Dr both so friendly and kind. Need more practices to be like this. I feel very welcome and at ease even tho I’m getting injections.

Quick, Professional Visit!

I had a really quick informative visit. The doctor was very sweet and very professional and very honest and I learned a lot about the current state of my breasts during my visit and he gave me a lot of information and pamphlets about the breast lift.

Professional and Skillful in Patient Treatments

Love Dr. Poulter. I am 55 and wanted the lines on the sides of my mouth to disappear. I have been to another Dr and had filler in the lines. Dr. Poulter knew to put the filler in my cheeks to immediately lift those lines. And before he put Botox between my eyes, he used filler to completely remove the deep crevice between my eyes. And used the Botox to limit the squinting, which caused it in the first place. Highly recommend Dr. Poulter and his staff, who are always kind and professional.

Knowledgeable of Practices and Patient Care

The staff was very pleasant, and efficient. The nurses were helpful with the ice and pain relief. Dr. Poulter is the best … he sure knows the products & how to administer them, for amazing results!

Staff Shows that Patients are very Important!

Always a wonderful experience at this office! Staff and Doctor Poulter are so welcoming and make you feel like you are very important to them. I was so nervous, but was put at ease immediately with every step explained to you. I cannot praise this office enough!!!

Accommodating and Polite

The entire staff was very polite, accommodating and thorough. It’s always a pleasant experience.

Beautiful Results!

Very good. Happy with the great results of my eye surgery. I had eyelid surgery and surgery below my eyes as well. Both turned out beautifully.

Patient and Informative!

It’s always a great experience when I come into the office. Everyone is always very friendly and professional and helpful. And I must say very patient with me and all my questions! Thank you!

Timely Appointments on Your Schedule

Called shortly before my scheduled appointment, Carissa came down a couple minutes later, then I took the test. Really liked how easy and quick it was for me to drive up and leave within 5 minutes.

Great Experience with Friendly Staff

I was very nervous but that quickly went away after talking with the nurse and Dr Poulter. Very welcoming environment and friendly staff. I’m glad I heard of this office and Dr. Poulter! Great experience! Thank you!

Honest, Reliable, and Talented!

This year I finally did something I had been thinking about doing for many years. I had a tummy-tuck procedure.

I was very concerned about doing this because several years ago, after a hysterectomy operation, I had tremendous pain on one side in the lower abdominal/groin area from entrapped nerves. For over 3 years I had regular point injections and several other procedures and medications before I finally had pain relief and normal physical functioning.

So as much as I wanted (and needed!) to have a tummy tuck, naturally I was quite concerned because of my previous problems. I talked with Dr. Poulter extensively about my concerns. He developed a plan and told me how he would be able to do the procedure and avoid the damaged area. Because I was so concerned, I am afraid I wore out Dr. Poulter’s ear reminding him about the area. He was so patient even though I know he had to be very weary of hearing about it.

After the procedure I awoke with no pain. At all. His pain management for post-op worked great. Even after I got home, I only took a couple of pain pills for 2 days and then really didn’t need them; I got by nicely on over the counter pain relief. But the best thing was that I never had any renewed pain in the entrapped nerve area!

It was just by-by belly! I am so pleased with the results – I love that I can look down and see a flat abdomen again.

Dr. Poulter and those wonderful gals in his office are the best. Dr. Poulter is an honest, reliable and talented physician. The staff members are caring, understanding and go out of their way to be helpful. They are all just really nice people.

I happily recommend this office to anyone considering undergoing a procedure.

Professional Treatment Makes you Feel Respected and Reassured

Dear Dr. Poulter,

I’m sure you must get letters like this all the time, but I really want to let you know how much you have changed my life. A breast augmentation to many people would seem like a vain and unnecessary thing to do. To me, it will change so much about myself. I’ve never been comfortable showing parts of my body to my husband, or even changing clothes in a locker room. My self-confidence has suffered my entire life due to not feeling comfortable about my body. I have felt this way since high school.

I’m so glad that after all these years; I finally made the decision to do this. It wasn’t until I found a doctor that I felt comfortable with and trusted. As soon as I met you I knew I would be in good hands. I never once felt like I was making the wrong decision.

I have noticed that my relationship with my husband is already changing for the better. He took such good care of me during my recovery and I felt so comfortable letting him see my body. This has never occurred before. Having done this will greatly improve my relationship with my husband, who already thought I was beautiful to begin with.

You have the most wonderful staff surrounding you. I would never have been able to go through this without the professionalism and respect your staff had shown me. It’s not a comfortable process to go through, but I always felt respected and reassured.

Again, I just want to thank you for truly changing my life. I hope you know what a difference you make in people’s lives. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who ever considers cosmetic surgery. Please let your staff know how much I appreciate all their kindness. They will always be remembered in my heart. I wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas

Treatment that Makes You Feel More than a Patient

Dr. Poulter,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your care and concern for me during the past two weeks. You and your staff have been absolutely wonderful through everything! You should be very proud of yourself, your work and everyone that works with you. I feel like I am more than a patient every time I walk in the door. Please share my thoughts with everyone and when you need a “quick fix” the M&M’s will do the trick. Thanks so very much again and I really love the new me.

Loving Care and Wonderful Talent

Dear Dr. Poulter,

Thanks so very, very much for your tender loving care and for sharing your wonderful talent with me. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole adventure. I hope that our story will encourage others. You and your staff made the whole experience fun and comfortable. Best wishes to all of you.

A New Lease on Life with Renewed Confidence

Dear Dr. Poulter and all your wonderful staff members,

When I first came into your office, I was depressed and unsure of myself and uncomfortable in my own skin. I just wanted to write to you and express my thanks to you for giving me a new lease on my life. You have a group of kind and caring staff members and all of you made me feel comfortable from the first moment to the last moment. Your kindness and understanding and yes the breast reduction have renewed my confidence. I feel like a new person and it is all thanks to you. A lot of the pain that I had is gone now. I can breath better and my clothes are fitting me better. I love when people who have not seen me in awhile are amazed by what you did. Every time I get a compliment, I tell them that Dr. Poulter did my surgery. I feel that I can take on any challenge and that has brought my self-esteem back to where I needed it. It means the world to me on how much you did for me and were willing to help me. I don’t know if I can ever repay you for what you have done in my life. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the breast reduction and my new life.

Nonjudgmental, Kind, Exceptional

I know there is still a long road ahead but I want you to know how blessed I feel to have walked into your office.

We all know surgery is never an easy process but cosmetic surgery goes beyond the intensity of other procedures

No matter how much help is wanted or needed, it is not easy for a woman to reveal all her flaws so openly. But “your” considerate nonjudgmental manner put me at ease. And you are one of the kindest Doctors I’ve had the privilege of knowing!

I can’t forget to mention your kind and wonderful staff. One does not out shine the other; they are all exceptional!! They go above and beyond to help me every step of the way.

Thanks for Everything!

Comforting and Detailed!

Dear Dr. Poulter,

I really appreciate all the time you spent with me explaining the many details of my procedure. You made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. I’m so glad I found you to do my surgery!

Thanks again

Best Staff Ever in a Professional Environment

I still can’t believe how great I look! You gave me back my body of years back-and then some. To say I’m thrilled is certainly an understatement. And to think of what you went through helping me to understand and make the decision. I also have to mention your entire staff, they are all the best I’ve ever encountered in such a professional environment. I can’t say enough about how I was treated from day one-and all of my visits in-between.

You should be proud!

Dedicated to Helping Achieve My Goal

Although nervous and uncertain of what to expect, Dr. and the entire staff were so friendly and accommodating which put me at ease and helped me to feel comfortable from the start. Dr. was very informative and explained the procedure, options, and what I could expect before and after the procedure in great detail. I had some questions, but he covered most of them without my having to ask, which I appreciated. I think what impressed me most about Dr. was that I never felt pressured. Maybe I was naïve to have the preconceived notion but this day and age “bigger is better” and everyone is a salesman. I’m so glad he dispelled that misconception right off. I truly felt his goal was to help me achieve mine – a better me! I just love my enhanced figure. I feel my body looks more in balance and equally proportioned. Quite honestly, I think the whole experience has resulted in a more well rounded me. I felt that the time, sensitivity, humility, and professional care you all showed me warranted my time to let you know how it all touched my life.

Thanks a million!

Staff with Warm Care and Professionalism

You are truly an amazing surgeon and I am extremely pleased with my results. Your expertise, professionalism, and care for your patients can not be matched! To the entire staff, thank you for your warm care and professionalism. You all have made this an extremely positive experience!

Thank you so much!

Thorough, Personalized Treatments

Thank you, Thank you! You all are wonderful. I’m filled with gratitude for your office! Everyone was so nice and pleasant, patient and accommodating! From my initial visit to the follow-up! Special care was taken at all times, from the multiple visits, multiple sizers, right down to the heated gown and foot massager! Dr. Poulter, you were so thorough and personable, never rushing to your next appointment. And, then you waiting on me surgery day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a doctor waiting for me. The nurses, receptionist, and accountant are all fabulous as well. Helpful and pleasant! And then to put icing on the cake-I love the robe! And a Victoria Secret bra!! Wow! That was fun! Thanks, now I know my size- I’d had no idea. I’m not one to keep my mouth shut and I’ve been telling everyone how fantastic your office is. The special treatment you give! I told them, do not shop around for cost comparisons-just get to Poulter and know you get what you want. Oh, and I love, LOVE my implants! I can’t stop looking at them. Although, I thought they were a large B or small C-the bra says a D. Whatever letter they are-I love them!!

Thanks for making my 20-year-old dream come true!

Great Staff – Confidential, Private, Secure.

Thank you very much, for my “new look.” I love it! I have received more compliments about my appearance in the last few weeks than I have received in my lifetime. Thank you also goes to your entire staff. I was always treated with great courtesy and kindness and with the utmost confidentiality. During my first few visits after my surgery, I especially appreciated the secure, private entrance. It wasn’t a time that I wanted to encounter a lot of people. I especially want to thank those who were present during my actual surgery and recovery. Dr. Poulter, your skills are amazing and I am thrilled with the results

Confident in Their Abilities from the Start

Could not ask for better care. I immediately upon meeting Dr. Poulter felt at ease and confident in his abilities. Now I know I made the right decision. I am ecstatic with the results and know it time they will only get better. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Utmost Professionalism and Care

I had a very complicated revision that had to be done on silicone implants that were 11 years old (not originally done by Dr. Poulter). Dr. Poulter explained the procedure during the consultation and again the morning of surgery so I would know what to expect going into it. Due to health complications, I had to have the procedure done at the hospital. Both Dr. Poulter and the hospital staff handled surgery with the utmost professionalism and care. I had a minor complication a week after surgery and had to have some minor revision done which Dr. Poulter was able to do in his surgical suite with local anesthetic. He talked to me through the whole procedure to keep me calm and not focused on what he was doing. Dr. Poulter did post-op rechecks every 1-2 weeks until I was healed. My experience with Dr. Poulter, his staff, and the procedure went very well. I would highly recommend.

Supportive Staff – Whole Experience was Easy and Relaxed.

I was blown away with how everyone was so informative and supportive before and after the surgery. I felt very comfortable with the entire process. I had a real expectation on my results and could not be happier. Having the trust and faith in the staff made me very relaxed. Surgery day came and again was treated so well. My hospital stay went very well. The staff in the hospital was so helpful and understanding. The whole experience has been so easy and relaxed. If I had any advice it would be to listen to the Doctor at all times, follow directions and take it easy after surgery. I of course over did it a bit hard to stay down I felt so good, but rest is needed. I would do this again without hesitation. My experience was above and beyond what I expected. So thankful for the process staff and care I was given.

Left Feeling Better about Myself

Great! I was very happy with Dr. Poulter’s recommendations. He told me what my options were for my trouble spots, but he also told me what parts of body were in great shape for my age. I actually left feeling better about myself than when I walked in!

Nurses and Doctors Listened to My Concerns

I had a TERRIFIC experience this visit. I felt like both nurses and doctor really listened to my concerns, and I never felt rushed. I was very comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. I really appreciated everyone during this appointment!!!

Wealth of Information and Realistic Expectations

Carried away a wealth of information about a variety of applications and realistic expectations for each. I left feeling hopeful and excited about the possibilities. Dr. Poulter, assistants, and office personnel provided me with the information I need to make informed decisions. The total experience exceeded my expectations

Professional and Helpful!

The office staff and nurses were very professional and helpful. Dr. Poulter listened to me and asked questions, and he thoroughly explained the proposed treatment and expected results. I am very pleased with the outcome!

Profoundly Changed My Life!

Having a breast reduction profoundly changed my life. In November, 2017, Dr. Poulter reduced me from a 34H to a 34D. In the past year and a half, I’ve lost weight because I was finally able to exercise comfortably. I went from a size 14 to a size 8, and I’m still losing. My posture has improved immensely, and this has had a trickle down positive impact on issues I would have with my wrists when at a computer all day. I look and feel younger! I went from using up all of my sick time on neck pain and tension headaches to not using any at all. Chronic neck pain that I had suffered for years is completely gone…I haven’t had a bad episode since before the reduction. I feel happy and healthy and will heartily recommend this procedure to anyone who is considering it. Dr. Poulter and his staff will take very good care of you, there is nothing to fear at all! My only regret, like so many others, is that I didn’t have it done years before!

Meticulous Staff – Surpassed My Expectations!

From my initial conversation, to my consultation with Dr. Poulter, to my amazingly smooth surgical procedures, my expectations were beyond surpassed! Dr. Poulter you are incredibly professional and meticulously skilled! I am so very happy I chose you and your staff to perform my revision! I’m thrilled with the results! I so appreciate all you have done to accommodate my needs! I’m thoroughly impressed, you are superb!!