Find your perfect fit with new implant options


Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Poulter has been using  gel implants  for augmentation since 2006 and reconstruction since 2000, when they were re-approved by the FDA for these uses. Many patients seeking augmentation are drawn to the highly cohesive gel implants due to the safety of them – they won’t leak even if they rupture or break.

The new Natrelle INSPIRA cohesive Round Gel breast implant has a higher ‘fill’ ratio that provides additional breast shaping options with more fullness in the upper pole of the breast, and the ability to move more in response to clothing choices. This makes them ideal for patients who want the safety of a no-leak implant but want a versatility in movement.

The INSPIRA line, both the responsive gel and the slightly more expensive cohesive gel, is available in multiple sizes and projections. One key difference with the INSPIRA round implants over the shaped gummy bear is that there are smaller ‘jumps’ in sizes, so you can find your perfect fit. According to a survey, 75% of women surveyed preferred the look of the INSPIRA round implants compared to the Natrelle Classic Round Gel breast implant. Dr Poulter now uses only the Inspira line as the higher fill ratio also means less visible rippling now and in the future. The cohesive gel implant adds the lack of leaking of the gel outside of the capsule around the implant.

Dr. Poulter is a board-certified surgeon who has been in practice for 30 years. He has experience working with smooth round implants since 1992 and is well versed in the special techniques needed for each implant to successfully achieve the desired results.

With breast enhancement surgery (and any cosmetic procedure), two of the main post-operative fears are pain and nausea. Dr. Poulter utilizes a successful multimodal therapy to help prevent and relieve those symptoms. This pain regimen includes Exparel, a local anesthetic that lasts 3 days as well as coordinated medications that affect different pain centers and a motion sickness patch to reduce nausea. Limiting a patient’s pain and nausea reduces complications and speeds healing, resulting in a better experience and outcome.

Whatever your goal is for your surgical procedure, we can help you achieve it. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Poulter today or call our office at (309) 663-1222 or Toll Free at (888) 841-4108, and get on the road to looking and feeling your best.