Dr. Poulter Answers The Question “Is It Time For My Makeover?”

I can’t tell you how many times post-operative patients confide after their surgery they wish they had done it sooner. They’d been thinking about getting their procedure done for months or even years, and they just couldn’t ‘pull the trigger.’  

There can be a few concerns that lead to this hesitance. Some worry about pain and nausea, some about scarring. Others don’t want to seem too vain, or perhaps they don’t want anyone to know they had anything done. Finally, many are concerned about the ability to pay for their desired surgery. I will address each these concerns below to get you from on the fence to “Yes, let’s schedule!”

I have been fortunate to institute a multimodal pain therapy for the last 15 years – before it was fashionable. This allows me to prescribe several different medications that can control pain very well, with just a small amount of narcotic required to manage your post-operative discomfort. By using a long-acting (3 day) local anesthetic injected before you wake up, Gabapentin, a muscle relaxant, and extra strength acetaminophen, there is very little incisional pain following many procedures. This also means you need fewer narcotics that can leave you constipated and nauseated. We also use a patch behind your ear – like you are on a cruise – which limits nausea. Many breast augmentation patients wake up in the recovery room with no pain, just a tight feeling of the implant under their muscle. My prescribing policy also falls under the new guidelines aimed at helping minimize the concerns associated with the opioid overdose epidemic.

While we are continuously trying to minimize our incisions, there will always be a small scar if the skin is being removed or shape transformed. By gentle handling techniques, my goal is a fine, light line that is easily hidden within your clothing. For abdominoplasties, we mark the patient’s bikini outline on their body first, then plan the operation beneath that to keep the incision concealed. I also spend extra time on the belly button to have the incision tacked down to the deep tissue, so no one will be able to tell you had a tummy tuck by a rounded scar of your navel.

Breast augmentation incisions are in the inframammary fold, and when you see the before and after photos on our web site, they are most difficult to see and can be covered by the smallest of bikini tops. We also pay close attention to the postoperative care of the incisions by providing complementary scar gel and detailed instructions on how to use the gel, as well as a referral for lymphatic drainage massage to help remove the swelling associated with your surgery. This reduces tension on the incisions that can thicken scars.

Having a procedure that returns you to the normal body you had before pregnancy, corrects deficiencies in development or erases the clothing crises you have when trying to find something that makes you feel good is not vain. Being your best self includes feeling good about the way you look and feel. Being able to fit into your jeans after liposuction or not carrying that extra skin around after weight loss is an incredibly freeing feeling.

I’m very careful to spend your cosmetic dollars wisely – many times, the procedures you want can be combined, saving significant money and recovery time. Please know, if you have raised children, lost weight, or just feel you are worth it, YOU ARE!

Many of my patients prefer subtle changes, such as a modest augmentation or subtle injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation. How much others are aware of your transformation is completely up to you. The confidence you gain, and the smile you will be wearing sometimes will have your friends and family asking what is different.  My staff and I always respect your desires for discretion and conservative alterations. Your secret is safe with us, but you may find yourself spilling the beans with your enthusiasm and new-found happiness.

Finally, no one considers cosmetic surgery cheap. But, be very careful, you do get what you pay for. Cosmetic surgery tourism is at an all-time high but so is the risk of infections, with organisms that can be very difficult to treat, such as mycobacterium and staph. Having a local team of experts that will guide you through your transformation is hard to beat. Should you have concerns, you can always get into the office to be seen. We also offer financing options to help with your procedure.

When you come to our office for your consultation, you will never feel pressured to have something done. I will talk to you about your goals and the best order to have your procedures in to save you downtime and money as well as provide the safest and best results. We will do our best to limit your pain and nausea and optimize healing in a confidential, convenient, and cost-effective manner. Our attention to your health, safety, and excellent results will make it easy for you to say…

“Sign me up”!!!


Dr. Poulter


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