Mommy Makeovers – Take Time For You

Having a baby is a life-changing experience, and the joy of motherhood is incomparable. However, pregnancy can also result in dramatic changes to your body. Many moms are now opting for a “Mommy Makeover” to get their pre-pregnancy shape back.

“Mommy makeover” is a catch-all phrase that refers to a specialized combination of body contouring procedures, performed together to improve the physical changes that linger long after pregnancy. One reason for its popularity is that there are no set components; each procedure is custom-tailored to fit unique needs of that patient. The Mommy Makeover is  designed specifically to address common issues faced by women who have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Body contouring can correct many of the changes having children and gravity have on our shapes. The two main areas of concern are loss of breast volume and shape, and protrusion of the tummy, especially in the lower abdomen below the belly button. Loss of breast size and shape can often be corrected by breast augmentation alone. Sometimes a lift is required, as the skin may have stretched too much for the implant to remain in the proper position. Implants can now be either filled with saline, silicone or cohesive gel (‘gummy bear’ implants). As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Poulter can discuss your options with you.

Many moms also want their pre-pregnancy tummies back. Although liposuction can remove localized areas of fullness, most of the time a full tummy tuck is needed to repair the weakness in the anterior abdominal wall caused by the constant pressure of the baby. Occasionally a hysterectomy or C-section scar will have healed down against the muscle and no longer moves freely. This can cause even a small amount of skin from above to fold over the C-section scar. The low incision of a tummy tuck can remove this “tethered” scar at the same time. In addition, a majority of the stretch marks on the lower belly will be removed when the extra skin is taken away.  Dr. Poulter specializes in body contouring and will likely be able to provide computer imaging to explain the procedure and estimate realistically what results you may expect and where your incisions can be placed to hide them under a bikini line.

Returning your body to its before-baby shape (or even better) can restore your confidence and self-image. Be sure to do your homework when you begin your search. Take a look at our website highlighting before and after pictures and visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website which offers great information.

At Dr. Poulter’s office, our surgery suite is AAAASF accredited, and we specialize in alleviating the stress of surgery and making you feel comfortable, secure and cared for every step of the way. Take a look at our before & after gallery, schedule a consultation today or call our office at (309) 663-1222 or Toll Free at (888) 841-4108.