abdominoplastyMany women and men struggle with a sagging, protruding abdomen that even diet and exercise cannot remedy. This can be caused by pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or simply an inherited tendency toward this body type. Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulter specializes in abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) at his Bloomington, Illinois office, which can give you a tighter, flatter abdomen and improved overall confidence.

About Abdominoplasty

Also known as a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure for the removal of excess skin and fat of the abdomen. In most cases, weakened or separated muscles are repaired as well, which restores a slimmer, smoother appearance to the midsection. This surgery is often performed for patients with loose skin and lax muscles as a result of pregnancy or significant weight loss.

A full tummy tuck requires a low horizontal incision between the pelvic bones, which is concealed by underwear or a bathing suit. A second, inconspicuous incision around the navel is also necessary to reposition the belly button. The excess skin and fat is removed along with many of the low unwanted stretch marks, and the abdominal muscles are repaired. Often liposuction is incorporated to remove excess fat in the abdomen hips and flanks, creating a slimmer, flatter midsection.

Dr. Poulter’s use of a low incision provides for coverage by even the lowest of jeans or swimsuits. It also allows for significant improvement in the pubic area and upper thigh. He also pays special attention to the belly button. Once healed, your navel will not give away your contouring secret.

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An experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Poulter is committed to your beautiful results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Tummy Tuck in Bloomington, Illinois

Why do patients come from cities such as Springfield, Decatur, Peoria and Champaign for tummy tuck surgery in Bloomington? Because Dr. Poulter specializes in body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty, with a patient satisfaction rate and results that speak volumes. Visit our photo gallery to view Dr. Poulter’s real patient before and after photos. In addition to his meticulous attention to detail and artistic eye, Dr. Poulter offers the latest innovations in pain management – such as Exparel, a local anesthetic that lasts up to three days – for optimal patient comfort.

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Plastic surgery financing is available to help you cover up to 100% of the cost of your procedure. Our Center offers several convenient financing programs, which can be discussed in detail following your consultation.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients.