Choosing A Post Weight Loss Surgeon

After significant weight loss, Illinois women and men typically find that they need the help of a plastic surgeon to address the excess skin and residual fat that remain. Procedures to correct redundant skin and tissue laxity are not offered by all plastic surgeons in Illinois. Body contouring after massive weight loss comes with a unique set of challenges and concerns, and it is best left to a board-certified plastic surgeon with a high degree of training, experience, and specialization. For women and men from throughout the Midwest, that surgeon is Dr. Jeffrey Poulter.

To learn why so many Illinois weight loss patients turn to Dr. Jeffrey Poulter for body contouring, request a consultation today. Or you can call the office at (309) 663-1222 or Toll Free (888) 841-4108 and one of our helpful staff members will assist you.

Experience and Dedication

Dr. Poulter has been practicing plastic surgery in Central Illinois for 30+ years and has cared for almost 25,000 patients. Dr. Poulter’s exceptional dedication to safety, comfort and results has earned him acclaim from both patients and fellow physicians. He has devoted a significant amount of focus and training to meeting the needs of massive weight loss patients.

Dr. Poulter takes great care to plan each patient’s procedures to optimize their results, allowing for improvements on the last procedure (if needed) and looking forward to the next. He also offers multimodal pain therapy with anti-inflammatory medication, a cough suppressant, local anesthesia injections along the incisions, and placement of a pain pump catheter in each of the sites treated.

He has had the privilege of spending time with Dr. Ted Lockwood, widely known as the “innovator” of SFS suturing techniques. These highly refined techniques allow surgeons to remove significant amounts of redundant skin with less tension on the skin and more accurate estimation of results.

A Trusted Revision Surgeon

Unfortunately, patients who have had body contouring surgery elsewhere are sometimes unsatisfied with their scars or other aspects of their results. Dr. Poulter has earned a reputation as the “go-to guy” for revision procedures. He uses the skills and techniques he has learned and refined over the years to treat these patients and achieve the results they want and deserve. He is typically able to use pilot or partial incisions that allow for revision of the planned procedure as needed to adapt to the previous incisions or areas requiring more aggressive resection.

Comprehensive Care

We offer our patients a highly experienced team, a state-of-the-art facility, and top quality of care. At our center, we provide complete perioperative care of the patient and the loved ones who accompany them, with all of the latest options for unsurpassed safety and comfort. We can follow patients closely from across Central Illinois. Many patients from out of state stay for their immediate post-operative care and return for follow ups as recommended.