Safety and Your Surgery

When it comes to your plastic surgery, you’re looking for experience, knowledge, honesty, and artistry. At our practice, your well-being is the primary focus, and our mission is to go above and beyond the norm to assure that you are safe, comfortable, and absolutely thrilled with your results.

When it comes to anesthesia options, general anesthesia causes the patient to be completely unconscious, so they do not feel discomfort or remember anything during surgery. “Twilight sedation” (or IV sedation) causes the patient to be sedated, but awake and responsive. Twilight sedation also doesn’t numb the body or block pain, so a local anesthesia would still need to be used. While twilight anesthesia may be used for more minor procedures, individual needs may vary, and it may not be recommended for your particular treatment. General anesthesia is extremely safe (with less than a .001% chance of serious complications) and provides the best option to reduce potential movements or awareness during the surgery.

Dr. Poulter offers state-of-the-art options for safety and comfort such as top-of-the-line patient warming systems and special stockings and compression boots to aid in the prevention of blood clots. He also utilizes a multimodal therapy for pain management, including a long acting (3 day) local anesthetic injected at the time of surgery and coordinated medications that affect different pain centers. Limiting postoperative pain allows you to heal quicker, prevent postoperative complications, and get back to routine activities sooner.

Knowledge and experience are just a few of the reasons Dr. Poulter has earned the trust of thousands of patients. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery (General), American Board of Plastic Surgery, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Education in Cosmetic Surgery. In addition to those certifications, Dr. Poulter also has advanced professional training in courses like the Masters Injectors Course, and the SkinMedica Product Science Course. He also has hospital accessibility at OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, a privilege reserved to plastic surgeons who have board certification.

Our surgical suite is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) and employs the highest surgical standards as well as the latest equipment and technology. A facility accredited by the AAAASF must follow the most stringent set of applicable standards in the country, as well as meeting strict requirements for staff credentials. An accredited facility is re-evaluated through an annual self-survey, and an on-site survey every 3 years. Dr. Poulter has also been an inspector for AAAASF, helping other surgeons provide safe surgical experiences.

When it comes to your plastic surgery, it’s best to do your research to make sure you’re in the best hands, in the best environment. If you’ve been thinking about plastic surgery, schedule a
consultation with Dr. Poulter today or call our office at (309) 663-1222 or Toll Free at (888) 841-4108.