Dedicated to Helping Achieve My Goal

Although nervous and uncertain of what to expect, Dr. and the entire staff were so friendly and accommodating which put me at ease and helped me to feel comfortable from the start. Dr. was very informative and explained the procedure, options, and what I could expect before and after the procedure in great detail. I had some questions, but he covered most of them without my having to ask, which I appreciated. I think what impressed me most about Dr. was that I never felt pressured. Maybe I was naïve to have the preconceived notion but this day and age “bigger is better” and everyone is a salesman. I’m so glad he dispelled that misconception right off. I truly felt his goal was to help me achieve mine – a better me! I just love my enhanced figure. I feel my body looks more in balance and equally proportioned. Quite honestly, I think the whole experience has resulted in a more well rounded me. I felt that the time, sensitivity, humility, and professional care you all showed me warranted my time to let you know how it all touched my life.

Thanks a million!