Utmost Professionalism and Care

I had a very complicated revision that had to be done on silicone implants that were 11 years old (not originally done by Dr. Poulter). Dr. Poulter explained the procedure during the consultation and again the morning of surgery so I would know what to expect going into it. Due to health complications, I had to have the procedure done at the hospital. Both Dr. Poulter and the hospital staff handled surgery with the utmost professionalism and care. I had a minor complication a week after surgery and had to have some minor revision done which Dr. Poulter was able to do in his surgical suite with local anesthetic. He talked to me through the whole procedure to keep me calm and not focused on what he was doing. Dr. Poulter did post-op rechecks every 1-2 weeks until I was healed. My experience with Dr. Poulter, his staff, and the procedure went very well. I would highly recommend.