Procedure Videos

Watch Dr. Poulter perform surgery at his AAAASF accredited facility.

  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Breast Augmentation
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic/Collagen
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Thigh Buttock Lift
  • Lateral Thigh and Buttock Lift

Patient Story Videos

Have questions about body contouring? Listen to women just like you who thought long and hard about having a procedure. See what they have to say about their journey. Was it hard? Are they happy? Why did they pick The Center For Cosmetic and Laser Surgery? Would they do it again?

When you watch the videos below, you’ll get a glimpse into how wonderful our patients can feel after their plastic surgery procedures.

  • How did you make the final decision to have body contouring?
    Watch and listen as several of Dr. Poulter’s patients discuss their personal experiences, and the different factors that ultimately affected their decision to undergo plastic surgery.
  • How has it changed the way you think about yourself?
    Dr. Poulter’s plastic surgery patients share their inspiring stories, and the (sometimes surprising) ways that their procedure influenced their self image, confidence, and their lives.
  • What were the reasons you chose The Center?
    Real patients candidly share how their impressions of Dr. Poulter and his staff influenced their decision to undergo plastic surgery in Bloomington at The Center.

Media Videos

Dr. Poulter is honored to be a featured guest on several local news and health & beauty programs. Get a glimpse into some of his recent media appearances below:

  • Body Contouring Following Weight Loss
    Dr. Jeffrey Poulter appears on Health Matters to explain how post-weight-loss body contouring in Bloomington, IL can help his patients be free of excess, sagging skin and weak abdominal muscles that are sometimes left behind after a major weight loss. He shows before-and-after pictures of one of his patients.
  • Peoria Liposuction Options
    In this video, Dr. Jeffrey Poulter discusses various techniques he uses in liposuction procedures and how these effective methods can permanently remove small pockets of fat from the body.
  • Is Plastic Surgery Right For You?
    Dr. Poulter is interviewed for the popular Live at Five Your Health Matters segment. He discusses why people turn to his practice for cosmetic procedures including liposuction, breast augmentation and mommy makeovers.