Freshen Your Look With SKINVIVE

Get glowing skin and a revitalized look with the new SKINVIVE injectable gel by Allergan! This hyaluronic acid filler was approved by the FDA in May 2023 and works as a ‘skin booster’ (rather than a filler). Rather than rebuild volume, its job is to hydrate your skin and give you a glowy look.

Similar fillers have been available in other parts of the world for some time, but SKINVIVE is the first of its kind available in the U.S. market. Rather than changing the shape of your face, SKINVIVE improves the appearance of the skin by leveraging the hyaluronic acid molecule to increase the skin’s hydration and improve texture. The droplet injections are placed superficially (just on the outer layer of your skin) and then diffuse into an even layer.

In clinical studies, patients have seen results last for around six months. Similar to other injectables, there is little to no downtime with SKINVIVE. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment, although it is recommended to avoid heavy exercise, makeup, and sun exposure during the first 24 hours.

SKINVIVE is approved for all skin types, so anyone looking for a refreshed look can benefit. You may see some plumping shortly after the injection, but full results develop over the next few weeks. Since the improvement is primarily in the skin quality, the results tend to be more subtle.

If you’ve been looking to kick off the new year with a refreshed look, SKINVIVE might be for you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Poulter today or call our office at (309) 663-1222 or Toll-Free at (888) 841-4108.

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