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Jeffrey S. Poulter is a board-certified Illinois plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience caring for almost 25,000 patients. It is important to him and to his staff that you are handled with prompt, caring, and experienced attention. You may be confident that they will go to great lengths to ensure the safety and quality of treatment given.

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Our Mission

the backbone of our superior values

Redefining yourself through plastic surgery in Bloomington, Illinois takes confidence. Not just confidence in yourself, but in the facility and professionals in whose hands you place your care. You are looking for experience, knowledge, honesty, and artistry.

You must feel secure in your surroundings. You must be sure that the surgical facility is fully accredited, has an impeccable reputation, and is staffed by a surgeon and a staff who will put your needs and health above all else. Only then can you relax and successfully make the changes you desire.

Choosing to pursue cosmetic surgery in Illinois is the first step in a long journey. At our Bloomington cosmetic surgery center, our experienced staff members will be responsive to your needs now and through the changes ahead. They will guide you through your procedure, providing all the information you need to know, answering all your questions, addressing your concerns, and offering an honest evaluation of what your procedure will accomplish.