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Dr. Poulter Body LiftingToday there are more effective weight loss options than ever before, which is great news for those who are overweight, and want to lead a healthier, longer life. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of significant weight loss is often excess, sagging skin that can distort body contours and can cause physical and emotional discomfort.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Poulter has taken a special interest in helping massive weight loss patients to complete their journey to a new body and a new life through post bariatric plastic surgery at his Bloomington, Illinois office. He partners with patients to determine which procedures or combination of procedures can help them to enhance the healthy shape they have worked so hard to attain. Common procedures for post weight loss patients include abdominoplasty, lateral thigh and buttock lift, medial thigh lift, arm lift, torsoplasty and breast enhancement procedures.


Abdominoplasty is the cornerstone operation, on which most other post-weight loss body contouring procedures are built. For detailed information on this procedure, visit our abdominoplasty page.

Lateral Thigh and Buttock Lift

The lateral thigh and buttock lift corrects fullness and sagging in the lateral thighs and gives an improved tone and contour to the buttocks. The lower body lift dramatically changes the body profile by removing the excess skin and fat from the hips, thighs, buttocks, and midsection. Dr. Poulter can perform the lower body lift at his Illinois surgery suite all at once or in stages, depending on the patient’s needs and amount of tissue to be removed.

Medial Thigh Lift

This procedure further enhances the results of a lower body lift by removing excess skin and fat from the inner thigh area. Incisions are either in the groin crease or more likely will have a small vertical component, depending on the thigh to be lifted.

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Arm Lift

This procedure – also called brachioplasty – removes excess, hanging skin from the upper arms that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Dr. Poulter uses an inferior incision on the upper arm to remove excess skin and fat, and may also incorporate liposuction to eliminate residual pockets of fat. Dr. Poulter has refined this procedure to include tightening of the chest wall skin in the armpit for patients with redundant skin in this area.


Some patients will need further body contouring of the upper body after the lower body lift procedures. Torsoplasty is performed to remove excess skin of the back and flanks, using an incision that is concealed beneath the bra strap. Many patients choose to undergo torsoplasty in combination with breast enhancement surgery. In the massive weight loss patient, treating the upper torso above the abdomen allows for additional tightening of the abdominal wall skin when the skin loosens up.

Breast Enhancement Procedures

Dr. Poulter offers the full range of breast enhancement procedures, and specializes in tailoring these to the unique needs of weight loss patients. Often, patients with adequate volume but excess skin require a breast lift to re-shape and re-position the breast and nipple. In other cases, Dr. Poulter can enhance the size and shape of the breast using the patient’s own tissue – a procedure called central mound mastopexy. In other cases, volume can be added and the breast lifted and reshaped with a saline or silicone gel implant. For more detailed information about the breast enhancement options Dr. Poulter offers, visit our breast enhancement page.

Why Have Post Bariatric Plastic Surgery in Bloomington, Illinois?

In his 30+ years of practice treating almost 25,000 patients, Dr. Poulter has earned a reputation as a trusted body contouring specialist known for optimal care and beautiful results. To see these results for yourself, visit our photo gallery to view real patient before and after photos. Dr. Poulter partners with bariatric patients to help them complete their transformation with the utmost safety, compassion, and comfort. He also provides the latest in pain management options – such as Exparel a local anesthetic that lasts up to three days,  and multimodal pain management therapy – so that patients may recover in comfort and ease.


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Plastic surgery financing is available to help you cover up to 100% of the cost of your procedure. Our Center offers several convenient financing programs, which can be discussed in detail following your consultation.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients.