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Congratulations! The fact that you are viewing this Web page indicates that you are taking steps toward a healthier body and lifestyle. Losing weight will not only lengthen your life, it will enrich it by helping you to feel better both physically and emotionally.

In his over 30 years performing plastic surgery on Illinois weight loss patients, Dr. Jeffrey Poulter has become extremely familiar with the unique challenges and rewards experienced by those who overcome obesity. He has dedicated himself to their optimal care, and partnered with numerous organizations to help women and men to re-create a healthy new self.

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Caring Support

As you embark on your weight loss journey, you will need the continued support of a carefully assembled weight management team. Support groups are also a fantastic source of encouragement and information during the long, and at times, arduous weight loss process. Surrounding yourself by people who are sharing a similar experience can be extremely reassuring, and you will meet people who are at all different stages of the weight loss marathon. People who regularly attend weight loss support groups have much higher success rates than those who go it alone. Be sure to ask your bariatric surgeon or the physician monitoring your weight loss program to refer you to a local support group.

Other Resources

You may also find that you need other resources as you strive to complete this transformation. The following are several helpful sources of information covering multiple aspects of weight loss.

BMI Table

Check your Body Mass Index (BMI) by looking up your height and weight on this Body Mass Index Table

Our Partners

We work with the following organizations to help you improve and maintain your overall health and wellness.

Advanced Rehab and Sports Medicine

Medi Weight Loss Clinic

The Workout Company

Fitness Quest


As a highly experienced specialist in body contouring after massive weight loss in Illinois, Dr. Jeffrey Poulter has published extensively on the subject. The following are just a few of his articles. Click to download.

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