Selecting the Breast Time

Timing is crucial for many aspects of life, including when to schedule your plastic surgery. In the Midwest, winter and early spring are traditionally the times many patients choose to have cosmetic surgery. If you have decided breast enhancement is something that will give you more confidence, planning ahead is essential.

Thanks to modern technology, patients are experiencing faster recovery times. With the multimodal pain therapy Dr. Poulter offers (including Exparel, a local anesthetic that keep you numb for up to three days), your early discomfort is minimal. However, your recovery 24 hours post-surgery is much different from your full recovery.

You may be able to walk around and perform simple tasks – even drive – just a few days after surgery, but you are not fully recovered. Incisions require 2-3 weeks to heal. You will be able to walk as far as you like without sweating in 7-10 days and use an elliptical machine without arms in 3 weeks. At 4-6 weeks, you will be released to full activity, so this is how much time you should allow for healing before any beach vacations or time in the hot tub. By allowing yourself enough time to recover from the expected side effects (such as bruising and swelling), you will be able to get your fun in with those warmer temperatures.

It is important to note that breast augmentation patients will want to avoid soaker baths, hot tubs, or swimming until the incisions have completely healed. Water sports and physical activities with high impact on the body such as workouts and running will require longer for the deeper tissue to heal. Taking the time to heal after a significant procedure will enhance the result of your surgery and help minimize the already low risk of complications such as post-surgical infections.

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