Honest, Reliable, and Talented!

This year I finally did something I had been thinking about doing for many years. I had a tummy-tuck procedure.

I was very concerned about doing this because several years ago, after a hysterectomy operation, I had tremendous pain on one side in the lower abdominal/groin area from entrapped nerves. For over 3 years I had regular point injections and several other procedures and medications before I finally had pain relief and normal physical functioning.

So as much as I wanted (and needed!) to have a tummy tuck, naturally I was quite concerned because of my previous problems. I talked with Dr. Poulter extensively about my concerns. He developed a plan and told me how he would be able to do the procedure and avoid the damaged area. Because I was so concerned, I am afraid I wore out Dr. Poulter’s ear reminding him about the area. He was so patient even though I know he had to be very weary of hearing about it.

After the procedure I awoke with no pain. At all. His pain management for post-op worked great. Even after I got home, I only took a couple of pain pills for 2 days and then really didn’t need them; I got by nicely on over the counter pain relief. But the best thing was that I never had any renewed pain in the entrapped nerve area!

It was just by-by belly! I am so pleased with the results – I love that I can look down and see a flat abdomen again.

Dr. Poulter and those wonderful gals in his office are the best. Dr. Poulter is an honest, reliable and talented physician. The staff members are caring, understanding and go out of their way to be helpful. They are all just really nice people.

I happily recommend this office to anyone considering undergoing a procedure.