Thorough, Personalized Treatments

Thank you, Thank you! You all are wonderful. I’m filled with gratitude for your office! Everyone was so nice and pleasant, patient and accommodating! From my initial visit to the follow-up! Special care was taken at all times, from the multiple visits, multiple sizers, right down to the heated gown and foot massager! Dr. Poulter, you were so thorough and personable, never rushing to your next appointment. And, then you waiting on me surgery day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a doctor waiting for me. The nurses, receptionist, and accountant are all fabulous as well. Helpful and pleasant! And then to put icing on the cake-I love the robe! And a Victoria Secret bra!! Wow! That was fun! Thanks, now I know my size- I’d had no idea. I’m not one to keep my mouth shut and I’ve been telling everyone how fantastic your office is. The special treatment you give! I told them, do not shop around for cost comparisons-just get to Poulter and know you get what you want. Oh, and I love, LOVE my implants! I can’t stop looking at them. Although, I thought they were a large B or small C-the bra says a D. Whatever letter they are-I love them!!

Thanks for making my 20-year-old dream come true!