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Botox has now been on the market for over 20 years. This incredible discovery was first used as a treatment to help children with cerebral palsy have release of their contracted necks and extremities. It then became a popular treatment for cosmetic purposes and is the number one non-surgical treatment in plastic surgery because it works.

I was an early adopter of the treatment and spent additional time and effort to earn the Master Injector designation from Allergan. I have attended intensive small group sessions with their world renowned physicians and had their trainers come to my office for one-on-one sessions, learning the finer points of facial rejuvenation with Botox as well as the Juvederm line of fillers.

I have always believed in treating the whole face and looking for ways to enhance the patient’s results with some of the more innovative uses of Botox, such as the DAO muscles (which make your mouth point downwards into a frown), the platysmal bands (the vertical cords that appear in the neck as you age), and upper lip. I have also used Botox to treat frontal origin migraine headaches and facial asymmetry following Bell’s Palsy, stroke, or muscle spasm.

One of the key advantages of having me care for you with Botox injections is that I am a surgeon injector. That means not only can I inject your areas of concern but have also operated on those muscles. When you come to me for your Botox injections, I understand the variations in muscle anatomy and take the time to evaluate the function this variation produces so your injections are individualized to your specific needs. I can also advise when Botox might not be the best answer and perhaps surgery would provide a better result.

For the last 20 years, I have had excellent results from my Botox treatments and done little to change the concentration of product injected. In August 2021, one of the Allergan Institute master injector trainers came to my office for a personalized session and revealed the results of their most recent research regarding the effectiveness of Botox. The evidence shows that although my concentration and dosing of Botox was effective, I could improve my patients’ results by adding a few more units while at the same time increasing the concentration in each syringe.

We have made this suggested adjustment and are waiting for the first round of patients to return after improving our technique. Studies show that more units at a higher concentration will provide better control of the muscles being injected and provide a longer lasting result. Some of my patients have been able to reduce the number of syringes they require to get the result they desire, while some of my early Botox patients have needed additional doses to maintain their results, and the increased number of units has helped them as well.

Next year will be my 36th year as a physician and my 30th year in my plastic surgery practice here in Central Illinois. Although I was trained in filler injections during my residency, I have still been using Botox for facial rejuvenation for over 20 years. Having an experienced surgeon injector do your Botox procedure makes a difference in your results.

I love what I do and want the very best outcomes for my patients. I am so grateful and honored to be able to care for those from Central Illinois and beyond!

Dr. Poulter


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